Nutrition - Danny Lennon

Nutrition - Danny Lennon

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Evidence-based Nutrition: Structuring Diets for Body Composition, Performance & Health

In this seminar, you will learn about what the most current scientific research says about nutrition for health, performance and body composition change. We will discuss why making diet decisions in an evidence-based manner is so valuable. Then you will learn how this applies to actual dietary interventions you may use with clients. The seminar will include:

  • A deep understanding of the energy balance equation and its relationship with both body composition and health
  • The fundamental principles of a healthy dietary pattern
  • How to manipulate dietary variables to change body composition (fat loss and muscle gain)
  • Planning dietary phases over short, intermediate, and long-term periods
  • How to fuel and recover from gym training sessions
  • Discussion around meal timing
  • How to track and monitor progress
  • And lots more!

Ultimately, the goal is that by the end of this seminar you will come away much more confident in your nutrition knowledge so that you can both understand topics deeply, as well as be able to answer questions about nutrition that you will get from clients and followers.

Time table:
15.05.2022 14:00 - 18:00 Uhr

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